Individuals who are running a small business do not have the time to pay attention to potential legal exposure.  As a consequence, they rely on their insurance agent to provide them with sufficient insurance coverage to protect them against future liability.  However, in many instances the agent does not have the experience to foresee exposure.  In addition, quite frequently exclusions are added to insurance policies by insurance carriers when certain types of claims have increased.  For example, in the 1990s, insurance carriers placed exclusions in their general liability policies which excluded coverage for lead paint claims.  As a consequence, landlords have no protection against lead paint based injury claims. Many of these claims are made many years after they have sold or owned the property.  Most of these claims are made by young adults who were exposed to lead paint when they were young children.  The statute of limitations is tolled for infancy and many of these cases are not commenced until many years after the exposure.  Small to medium-sized business owners rarely read their insurance policies or sit down with an attorney to go over their coverage or have someone explain to them what these exclusions mean.  Larger businesses have the benefit of in-house counsel who frequently reviews company policy, procedures and insurance coverage.  They have access to both defensive and offensive methods of protecting the company
The purpose of my consulting practice is to assist small to medium-sized business owners in dealing with potential future problems. The approach is twofold one to deal with the structure and operation of the business to limit exposure and the second to ensure that the business has proper coverage and the right coverage to protect itself. My approach is to spend 7 to 14 days with the company go over the operations with the ownership review coverage and go over strategies to deal with limiting exposure.


Mr. DiNitto has over 18 years in litigation experience. He was chosen by the American trial lawyers Association in 2008 as one of the top 250 trial lawyers in the State of New York. He has handled personal injury and business litigation matters in Monroe, Erie, Genesee, Wayne, Livingston, Yates, Steuben and other counties in New York State.  He has been called to lecture other attorneys in continuing legal education courses in the litigation field. He has been asked by other attorneys to represent themselves or their family members in personal injury or other litigation matters.
He welcomes the opportunity to review your potential case. The matter would be handled by Mr. DiNitto personally or in cooperation with additional expert counsel. Mr. DiNitto was past president of the Genesee Valley Trial Lawyers Association and is familiar with competent trial attorneys in the field of personal injury litigation and business litigation.


Mr. DiNitto currently represents several companies who buy and sell commercial and/ or residential real estate. He also handles individual residential real estate closings. He is also a licensed Real Estate Broker.  

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